Thank you for entering the 2024 CF Hockey Draft of Hope! The unofficial standings are complete for all games played on or before June 21st, 2024. Good luck in taking home one of the 103 cash prizes!

Congratulations to Shane Zacharias, the first-round winner of $2000!
Congratulations to Jeff Meyaard, the second-round winner of $500!
Congratulations to Darcy McLeod, the third-round winner of $500!

PlaceTicketEntrantPointsGoals+/-Players Left
212198Scott Strudwick3711372910
222503Susan Franklin3711372910
233644Ron Roose3701382710
243537Don Surnnaik370133289
253985Bryce Jakeman3701314010
262131Hugh Chrzanecki3691392710
272298Alain Rouleau3691343110
281254Maurice Hawkins3691322610
290555Brian Ewald3691322610
301474Nick Jugovic3691292011
310254CURTIS HARTY3681352411
320272Paul Long368134279
330743Kelly Penner3681332310
344011Roger Marsden3681332310
353710Mark Shopland3681332310
361607Tim Williams3681323210
374159Raegan Weiss3681314210
380596Darcy Van wachem3681302910
393611Sheldon Handel3681293510
401611James Blackadar3681293510
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