Thank you for entering the 2019 CF Hockey Draft of Hope! Congratulations to Ryan Spisak, the official second round winner of $500! The unofficial standings are complete for all games played on or before May 17th.

PlaceTicketEntrantPointsGoals+/-Players Left
13867Ryan Spisak254995718
22173Chris McNeil250964617
34499JOHN KOYCZAN241935418
41758Dale Beaver2381002718
51422Lawrence Boekhorst238915618
66098Bill Wong235925618
72328Edgar Harrison231885018
81899Curtis Hirsch230926315
92042Doug Kushnerick230901515
100516Howard Cook230875618
111344Jason Gandey229885518
121965Jon Buck229883415
131057Jeff Meyaard228941315
142853Danielle Cuvelier228931715
151507Cody Victor Woroschuk226958010
162003Dave Polinsky22689815
174596Toby Mclean226883113
180374Nelson Fee2251016310
194620Claude Otis225934711
202139Blaine Saunders22590915
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