Thank you for entering the 2024 CF Hockey Draft of Hope! The unofficial standings are complete for all games played on or before June 21st, 2024. Good luck in taking home one of the 103 cash prizes!

Congratulations to Shane Zacharias, the first-round winner of $2000!
Congratulations to Jeff Meyaard, the second-round winner of $500!
Congratulations to Darcy McLeod, the third-round winner of $500!

PlaceTicketEntrantPointsGoals+/-Players Left
10496Darcy McLeod3821425710
24114Alan Heringa3781374210
30782Alan Wall3771295012
41322Jeff Meyaard376140269
52023Ryan Ewald3761345411
60495Darcy McLeod3751435712
72687CLAUDE PERRAULT3751433110
81074Craig Paquette3741382911
91054Todd Hamaliuk3741362410
102903John Burton3741323311
113851Jake Wasylchew3741313510
122622JESSE BOUCHARD3731403310
130881Steven Salmela3731352310
140498Darcy McLeod372138498
151868Gary Terris3721374110
161333Rick Marcinkowski372137399
171712Terry Kwashuk3721362510
180483Bill Stegmaier372134319
192198Scott Strudwick3711372910
202503Susan Franklin3711372910
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